First photos from Glasgow now online

I’ve imported and distilled the 1600 shots that were taken yesterday in Glasgow.

The first images of Yorkshire Kettlebell Club members, before and during their jerk sets, are now online.

All the images will be added to the YKC Flickr group, which is located here. I’ll process and post the rest over the next 24 hours.

Fantastic Yorkshire Kettlebell Club performance in Glasgow

What a fantastic performance from YKC team members: 2 bronze medals, 2 silvers and a gold.

Well done to everyone who competed at Glasgow today, it was a pleasure watching you demonstrate the commitment, focus and technique required to get through those events.

For anyone interested in seeing some photographs, I’d expect them to be posted either tomorrow evening or Monday.  For anyone we met who’d like to keep in touch then our personal Facebook pages are here (for Simon) and here (for Sam).

Yorkshire Kettlebell Team entering Glasgow competition

We are travelling to Glasgow on Friday evening along with the other members of the Yorkshire Kettlebell team.


However, whilst they are putting themselves through the strain of competition on Saturday (see here), we are restricting ourselves to photography and support.

Looking forward to cheering on our fellow team members, and editing then posting the images on Sunday.

First Explore

There was much excitement yesterday morning when I realised that one of my photographs had made it onto the day’s Explore on Flickr.

Pink Rose

A very enjoyable first experience of Explore, and some lovely comments from my fellow Flickr users.

Slightly ironic that this shot took around 60 seconds to set up, three exposures were taken and I simply chose the best, applied a slight crop and border, and posted to Flickr.  Perhaps there’s a lesson in there that sometimes less is more.

Thanks everyone for showing your appreciation for this image.