365 v2 : Time to start again?

it is almost two years since I started my 365 project: a snap decision inspired by a stay at a beautiful country house hotel.

We return to Swinton Park in the next few days.  My photography has stalled over the last year, with  work consuming increasing amounts of time.  My love of photography, and beautiful, engaging photographs, remains undimmed, which made me wonder whether to user the coinciding anniversary and hotel return to restart.

My inclination is yes, but to work towards some goals for the year:

  • people skills: develop my portrait skills, including lighting, posing and engagement with my subject
  • develop my understanding of shaping light, and what lighting techniques to use in different circumstances
  • take myself to some new places (physically, in the main anyway)
  • engage with new people via photography
  • document a big year
  • End up with some images that I’m proud of

There’ll undoubtedly be frustrating, awkward days where inspiration and opportunity are minimal, but also times when new experiences are driven by the desire to find that day’s image.

Having thought about this further, excited about getting started again.


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